Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Teenage love!

Its like first time connecting to the lyrics of the song "Fifteen" by Taylor Swift...itz blushing when he mischievously pulls your bag in hallway and pulls you close to him..itz smiling until your cheeks hurt..when hold your hand secretly while climbing down the stairs.. itz dreaming of him , going into a whole another world with him..itz dreaming of him texting you at midnight,saying "i want to hug you"..itz wanting to kiss him in the the sunset...walking with him on the beach...under moonlight..itz rehearsing conversation a 1000 times before you meet him..itz dressing your best just to get his one compliment..itz just not being able to get him out of your mind...not for a second!itz feeling the "Teenage Love" <3


  1. teenage love is surely special...and it becomes more lovely when you have a strong relationship and marry the guy whom you've been with whole time <3