Monday, 19 November 2012


 Wake up, a new day again!
Proving yourself to every soul connected...yet again!
How do you feel when no one understands you...
every explanation...a vain attempt!
there is a scream inside me...everyday fighting for self!
I need no one....being alone is better!
at least i wont have to fake a smile for self comfort!!
No one today can kiss away my pain..

Petty lil' things to feel happy,
plenty things to cry!
No one stands by!
complicated situations i face everyday!!!
i am tired of it...why making life harder to live!

Teenage it is they say!
yes i say it is...
It is the most different, difficult yet hilarious phase of life...
every next moment is a new test to face!
but whatever you the end..
it doesn't matter...
Every yesterday is a GAG!!!


  1. You are an amazing poet ... I am following your blog now :-)

  2. thanku so much!!!
    that's an encouragement!! :)