Sunday, 24 February 2013

Falling in love again!

In two different world we lived..
no connection existed..yet i found you...
wanting to share all my life with a person...i dint even know you...

i was sure i wont fall in love again..
until i found you...from that life changed..
i wished to to tell you every bit of whats going on in my life..
to share and live my dreams with you..
i was afraid when someone asked me..if i really love you..
i trembled to speak, i blushed,
i dint know what to say..
i dint know what you really mean to me..
from the same day..i started thinking of it that way...
am i really falling for you..or have i fallen already...
i was afraid..."LOVE" and me...again..
i was not able to digest the fact..

days passed and yes i do hold a soft corner in my heart..
you are really someone special to me..
whenever i think of you...i just only wish to be with you...

but my mind dint allow this...
it started contradicting my heart..
every time i thought of US being together..
it always questioned me..
is this right?
and i always ended up crying...

its fear that doesn't allow me..
i cant afford to loose you..
cause for me..word "love" means "you"..
you always say you love me...
and you'll love me till eternity..

i wish..i wish all that you say comes to be true..
cause be it reality or dream..
now i just wish to love you for TRUE! <3


  1. This is so sweet ... full of love !!!

  2. maybe it s the second best feeling, to fall in love again..
    let this be a reality for you...

  3. Love your poetry !!! ������