Thursday, 20 June 2013


To me you are an angel in disguise ,

sometimes stupid , sometimes silly ,

And at times super wise...

Standing by me in all the bad and the good times...


we argue and bicker...

and make each other mad...

but if you weren't there in my life,

life would become a barren land..


we laugh till we cry...

And cry till we laugh again..

and the reasons...I really don’t know why!


we can act stupid..

make fun of each other..

dance and scream...

and do all the random shit...

not caring about anyone, anything or where we stand..

with you..i enjoy my life to the fullest!


its all bout the looks we give to each other,

bout the names we call,

the way you tease me..and I scream..

saying..I don’t need more..

and you don’t even take a second to say..that's not true..

and hug me with all the love in your heart and we live the moment again...


you're an opponent, a teammate, a fan in the stands..

Like looking in a personality mirror, I reflect you, you reflect me..


with you...I share my deepest secrets...

funniest moments..idiotic jokes..

and all the nonsense I have to speak...

you are the only one to hear'em all ears...

with not even a single slightest mood of irritation..


 It pains me to see you leave,

But I'll never forget what I've learned through the years we've gone through...

It hurts me to know,

After awhile you'll confide in someone else, not me..


but we'll always be there for each other,

Even after the end in the heaven comes..

Its a promise to always stay true to our bond as one and won’t ever let go..

Love you! :)