Friday, 15 February 2013


Not too far, Not too fake..
misused the time,
you are not here..its my mistake,

you were like sand grains in hand..
the more i tighten, the more you fell..

neither did i tell you then,
what i feel for you...
nor did i stop you..
just to have a last view..

I really am sorry, for whatever I've done..
but cant help it..
cause to speak at that moment i dint have the guts...

for now as you've gone...I realize..
you were so special in my life..

every day i miss you more..
just waiting, wishing ,
to get your hold...

i requested a lot to my heart,
 to tell you the feelings i had for you..
but you were like the waves on the sea shore,
which comes for a moment... touches you life and again go..

but no worries, No cry,
'cause am sure...
the full moon will again come and lit up my sky!


  1. Yes ... and the world will shine once more :-)

  2. sharing the same sentiment...
    all that i would like to say is, dont wait, go unto him :P