Monday, 19 November 2012


 Wake up, a new day again!
Proving yourself to every soul connected...yet again!
How do you feel when no one understands you...
every explanation...a vain attempt!
there is a scream inside me...everyday fighting for self!
I need no one....being alone is better!
at least i wont have to fake a smile for self comfort!!
No one today can kiss away my pain..

Petty lil' things to feel happy,
plenty things to cry!
No one stands by!
complicated situations i face everyday!!!
i am tired of it...why making life harder to live!

Teenage it is they say!
yes i say it is...
It is the most different, difficult yet hilarious phase of life...
every next moment is a new test to face!
but whatever you the end..
it doesn't matter...
Every yesterday is a GAG!!!

Thursday, 16 August 2012

BeSt FriEnD!!! :)

When am with you, i don't care where i am,
what am wearing or how am looking....

when we talk,
 nobody else in the world can even imagine what we are talking...

we talk shit, we laugh out loud on rubbish things,
we dance till our legs break, we cry for stupidest things..
when am with you, am myself, i don't need to pretend!
you understand my heart even with a wink..
and our feelings..Hell yeah! they are always "Mutual"! ;)
when am with you , i got no shells around me,
i can talk my heart out...
with you...i can spend all day talking , even if i don't speak..
you understand the unspoken words..

when i read between the lines..
giving me that perfect look saying... i know you silly.. know every bit of me..
still u're all ears every time i need you!

you are a BEST FRIEND! :)

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Life is a new show everyday!

Everything happens for a reason...they say...yeah right!
but they also say..everything happens for good! Is it??
 I really wonder!
I die,giving explanations to people so that i don't hurt'em...but is it right at my part!
these people whom i don't want to hurt ever...are really close to my heart.
But do they really know ME?

Explanations are required only when there is no trust!
so do they don't trust me!
Life is fucked up, am pissed off!
Everyday there is a new story, new characters, emotional drama and it all ends, blaming one person!
why is it that only one person is blamed for all the mess..I really wonder why!
It is true when they say..."What goes around, comes around!"
what you do, is what you face!
but why with me..i dint mean to hurt anyone, anyway , anyday!
life is really comes up with a new show everyday.
but now I had enough of this drama!

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Happy days are back again! :)


Now am happy, everything now..
seems just so nice..
Days are bright again, Nights are calm now..
with a friend like all seems fine...!
Now life seems to have some fun..
the craze with which i wake up..
wait for each new day to come..
 just so that i can meet you up..
fright and happiness I feel at same time..
when you look me straight in the eyes...
No one can move on in life...
until he gets another magical person..
who can bring them up back into the game...
but now I've found you...
YOU are now the reason for my all day smiles....

Saturday, 21 July 2012

I Miss you!

I feel special , when you bring me a smile...
I feel special, when u say "u miss me"...
I feel special,when a red rose brings back soo many beautiful memories..
I feel special...when i cry and u are there to console me...
I feel special..when u temme the importance i hold in your life..

All the love, the smile , you have given me..
the hurt, the cry we shared..
are the moments soo precious..
treasures of my life...
M so very happy,
that even after all this time...
the hurt...the cry...even after facing the bitterness of hate..
we still share our lives...

just a regret that still pinches me deep in is that..
i still CAN'T call u mine...! </3

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Teenage love!

Its like first time connecting to the lyrics of the song "Fifteen" by Taylor Swift...itz blushing when he mischievously pulls your bag in hallway and pulls you close to him..itz smiling until your cheeks hurt..when hold your hand secretly while climbing down the stairs.. itz dreaming of him , going into a whole another world with him..itz dreaming of him texting you at midnight,saying "i want to hug you"..itz wanting to kiss him in the the sunset...walking with him on the beach...under moonlight..itz rehearsing conversation a 1000 times before you meet him..itz dressing your best just to get his one compliment..itz just not being able to get him out of your mind...not for a second!itz feeling the "Teenage Love" <3

Saturday, 14 July 2012

when I see YOU!

Sometimes when I see you..
I just want to tell you..
"You" are special..
Sometimes when I see you..
I want you to know..
the importance you hold in my life..
Sometimes when I see you..
I want to tell you bout the corner..
You’ve captured in my heart..
Sometimes when i see you..
I just want to hug you tight..
to feel you..And to make you believe..
I am here...and will always be there for you...
Sometimes when i see you..
I just want to tell you..
Don't love me so much..
I might fall in love with you..! 

I wanna hug you tight,
hold you right,
wanna get lost in your eyes tonight!

I wanna love you more..and some more.
forget the world and kiss me now!
and I’ll love you till the end of time!

I wanna dance with you,
today..i wanna leave my life in your hands..
we’ll take the dance floor tonight,
nothing is forbidden anymore!

only if I could tell my heart each time,
it isn’t love…
but I can’t deny, can’t even try..
cause inside I know..butterflies don’t lie!

I wanna be your fantasy,
treat me right honey..and I’ll make all your wishes come true!
save my soul tonight! <3.