Saturday, 26 January 2013

Have you felt "love" lately?

You are someone special to me..
What!..i don't know..
how much!.. i cant explain..

I really don't know what i feel for you..
its just that..

when i see you 'smile'...
i feel like the whole world is smiling with me...
when you share your happiness with me..
i get that 'happy feeling'...
when i see you 'cry'...
i wish to cure all your wounds...
to sit with you..
move away anything,everything
that'd hurt you..

I really don't know what i feel for you..
its just that..

when you speak to me..
the world goes silent..i just hear you!
when you hold my hand...
I feel like am on '7th heaven'...
that moment i wish would end never..!

i really don't know what i wish to say to you...
its just that..

when you're not near,
i feel like dying..
when you get away...whole world seems to turn fake!

i wanna say so much to you..
still..when i speak to you..
i wish to say nothing!

sometimes i wish if i could tell you...
how much do i love you..
but then,
sometimes i wish to wait for 'that day' to come..
when you'll understand...what i don't speak!

I know, you just know it all...
just wanna ask you today..

Have you felt  "LOVE"  lately? ;)


  1. Wow ... this is such a beautiful love poem ... amazing feelings in your words ... awesome !!!

  2. This is something Kiddish. Well yeah, love is something like that.
    Keep writing. :)