Thursday, 16 August 2012

BeSt FriEnD!!! :)

When am with you, i don't care where i am,
what am wearing or how am looking....

when we talk,
 nobody else in the world can even imagine what we are talking...

we talk shit, we laugh out loud on rubbish things,
we dance till our legs break, we cry for stupidest things..
when am with you, am myself, i don't need to pretend!
you understand my heart even with a wink..
and our feelings..Hell yeah! they are always "Mutual"! ;)
when am with you , i got no shells around me,
i can talk my heart out...
with you...i can spend all day talking , even if i don't speak..
you understand the unspoken words..

when i read between the lines..
giving me that perfect look saying... i know you silly.. know every bit of me..
still u're all ears every time i need you!

you are a BEST FRIEND! :)


  1. I love u gurl!!! <3
    surely idz true!! :]

  2. So sweet :)
    While reading this I was remembering the moments I've spent with my Best Friend ...

    1. thanku!
      glad that you could connect! :)

  3. That's what best friends do best :-)