Thursday, 26 July 2012

Life is a new show everyday!

Everything happens for a reason...they say...yeah right!
but they also say..everything happens for good! Is it??
 I really wonder!
I die,giving explanations to people so that i don't hurt'em...but is it right at my part!
these people whom i don't want to hurt ever...are really close to my heart.
But do they really know ME?

Explanations are required only when there is no trust!
so do they don't trust me!
Life is fucked up, am pissed off!
Everyday there is a new story, new characters, emotional drama and it all ends, blaming one person!
why is it that only one person is blamed for all the mess..I really wonder why!
It is true when they say..."What goes around, comes around!"
what you do, is what you face!
but why with me..i dint mean to hurt anyone, anyway , anyday!
life is really comes up with a new show everyday.
but now I had enough of this drama!

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