Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Happy days are back again! :)


Now am happy, everything now..
seems just so nice..
Days are bright again, Nights are calm now..
with a friend like you..it all seems fine...!
Now life seems to have some fun..
the craze with which i wake up..
wait for each new day to come..
 just so that i can meet you up..
fright and happiness I feel at same time..
when you look me straight in the eyes...
No one can move on in life...
until he gets another magical person..
who can bring them up back into the game...
but now I've found you...
YOU are now the reason for my all day smiles....


  1. Congrtas for finding that one person who makes you happy and makes you live happily everyday :)

    1. thank u garima...but it is not only one person i should give credits to here.. they are friends! :)